PIZZA'STORMING for the Design Experts

a few days ago ID & HMI teams gathered to share a few slices of pizza and enjoy few activities to have fun together. This activities are fairly new to the team, and we are slowly but steadily getting used to it !

We eat first !

Happy stomach, Happy people !

Time to Warm up ! Pictionary !

organized in 2 teams (ODDS VS. EVEN), each team need to guess by drawing only as many keywords as they can within 3 minutes. A challenge for designers! Drawing products and drawing ideas or words is very different ! It's not about the pretty sketch, it's about visual communication !

"Face to Face", Eugenia successfully leads her team to guess

All keywords are linked to our team work

Guess What - Design Process & Methodology

Second activity, hosted by Carrie, HMI team manager, we asked each other question to guess which part of design process or which methodology we individually represent. Meanwhile discovering process & methodologies we also had fun in asking each other questions.

Mission Missing Words Puzzle

Finally we entered last 20" challenge to find out the missing words to rebuild the meaningful mission and principles of PDD team. For this game, not only the challenge to solve the puzzle (yes... a bit too serious and complicated .... sorry lah.) but also the challenge to deal with English language !!!

Do the right thing, Do your best, and Always show people you care. There are the 3 principles we follow !

From outside, the two teams are busy competing for the victory

Pizza'Storming Winning team !

Talk, laugh, and smile, what else do we need ?

After 2 hours, we went back to work ! Seems like everyone had a good time.

it might be difficult to estimate how much help this type of activity help a team to be more productive... But it's easy to see and realize that people enjoy interacting with each other without the pressure or context of work or project. Pizza'Storming also helps new member on board to get along with other team members. Just making ourselves talk, laugh and smile together help us to relax and enjoy our team spirit ! so we will do it again, soon.

What about you ? Have you experienced any amazing or horrible team building activity ? Tell us more about it in the comments !

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